243rd Anniversary Since Agnes Mathieu Gained Her Freedom

Agnes Manumission Document (Freedom Papers) , Dec 16, 1779

On December 16, 1779, Agnes Mathieu, my 4th generation-great grandmother, with the assistance of her French consort, Mathieu Devaux dit Platillo, was granted her freedom. This portion of the document shown here is part of an 8-page record detailing the necessary action taken to secure freedom from her previous owner. Not until the Spanish Colonial Governor of Louisiana, Bernardo de Galvez signed this document was Agnes’ freedom finally achieved.

I invite you to view the PBS program, History Detectives segment,  “The Galvez Papers“, below.

“The Galvez Papers” will play after PBS promo. 

It is my sincere hope that this research, documentation, and amazing story continue to inspire you as you continue your journey of discovering your ancestors’ stories.

My family and I,  as descendants of Agnes, stand today as living memorials to the memory of her achievements. We mark this day, 16 Dec 2016  as the 243rd anniversary of freedom from slavery for Agnes Mathieu.

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